About Our Therapists

Our therapists have over 20 years of combined experience with a variety of techniques and services combined with an unwavering focus on your specific needs. Each session is creatively composed by highly skilled therapists with the intention of offering a personalized massage that is dedicated to improve your overall sense of wellness. We offer complimentary hot stones and hot towels in almost all of our treatments to enhance and embellish your therapeutic treatment. At Maine Body Works we offer more than massage, were an exceptional place to sustain enhanced health and vitality.

Guy McChesney

Guy McChesney has been a licensed Massage therapist since 1995 after receiving certification from New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts. Shortly thereafter, Guy began training in Thai Yoga bodywork with Jonas Westring at the Kripalu Institute. He went on to study with Pichest Boonthome in Chaing Mai Thailand and received his advanced certificate in Thai Massage from Jonas Westring’s school for Thai Yoga Healing, where he has since returned as an instructor and practitioner in the Thai healing arts. He is also a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Guy believes optimum health and mental well being stem from balanced emphasis on body, mind and spirit through the healing arts of massage, proper nutrition and exercise.

Tatiana McChesney

Tatiana McChesney is originally from Brazil. She became interested in massage therapy after a trip to Thailand in 2005 where under the supervision of Master Mactherdchai of Chiang Mai she studied Thai Massage. She continued her training in Thai Massage under the supervision of Jonas Westring at the Kripalu Institute. In 2009 Tatiana became a licensed massage therapist focusing on Deep Tissue and Therapeutic work. In 2011 Tatiana became certified in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy®. In this technique, the therapist stands on your back – staying balanced by holding bars that are secured to the ceiling – and uses her heels, instep, and toes to aplly deep and constant pressure to the back, glutes, hamstrings and calves. It is ideal for people with tight ligaments or those with tense shoulders and hips. Each session is designed based on how the client is feeling and what the needs are.

Jason Lesaldo

Jason has been practicing massage since 2012. A strong believer in integrated health, bodywork has been a way to offer a unique change and act as a catalyst for client’s overall health. Jason is a practitioner of Kinetic Chain Release and Posture Energetics; a system of protocols to gently set the body back in to balance, as well as John Barnes Myofascial Release, one of the most effective forms of healthcare today. In 2015 he began meditating through the Art of Living Foundation and since then has traveled around the East Coast learning and sharing knowledge and peace through meditation. This combined focus of meditation and highly effective bodywork makes for a profound and wonderful session.

Tara Cavanagh

Tara has been working in the Portland area as a licensed Massage Therapy and a certified Polarity Therapist since 2011. She uses an integrative approach specializing in deep tissue, Swedish, sports massage and energy work. Tara has continued her education into skin care via an apprentice program under Aesthetician Christina Sterling and Nurse Laura Reddington. As a licensed Aesthetician Tara is skilled with gentle waxing techniques combined with her calming energy for a soothing experience and uses her artistic eye to give you sculpted beautiful brows and offers feature enhancing lash and brow tints.

Nicole Trudel

Nicki studied massage therapy at New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts in Bridgton, Maine. She graduated in 2014 with a vast understanding of the human body and a multitude of massage techniques that she incorporates into her massage practice. These techniques include sports massage, neuromuscular, Swedish, trigger point, pregnancy and lymphatic. Nicki enjoys working with her clients to create a specialized massage that is most beneficial for their current and unique needs. In 2012 Nicki graduated from The University of Southern Maine with a degree in Life Sciences, focused in Biology and Holistic Health. She has always been passionate about living a holistic lifestyle and this was greatly enriched in 2011 when she graduated from a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified, Yoga Teacher Training Course.

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